Gospel Meeting

The Biblical Message Of The Ressurection

January 27th - 29th, 2019

Speaker: Nathan Peeler

Times of Services:

     Sunday Morning Bible Study @ 9:00AM

     Sunday Morning Worship @ 10:00AM

     Sunday Afternoon Singing @ 3:00PM

     Sunday Afetrnoon Worship @ 3:30PM

     Monday Night @: 7:30PM

     Tuesday Night @ 7:30 PM

An Invitation For You

If you would like to know more about the group of Christians who meet at 3440 NE County Road 340, you have several choices. You could visit one of our services. You could call one of our members. Or you could contact us to schedule a Bible study at a time and place con­venient to you. We also offer several correspondence courses designed to help you learn more about Jesus, salvation, and His church. We would be glad to help you discover how to become a member of the church that belongs to Christ—a church that began twenty centuries ago...and which will endure until eternity begins— the church you can read about in the Bible.